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FOX Immigration & Education Consultancy is the one stop solution for all your Overseas Education needs. We offer Free Career Counselling. We are Overseas Studies/Education Consultants for Study in Australia. Australian education has a strong international value for excellence. Australian degrees are recognized worldwide. The education institutions in Australia rank among the world's best & the standard of education is high. Combination of competitive tuition fees and low cost of living is the advantage of Australian Education. Australian institutions offer wide variety of courses with flexible delivery methods.

We are the Authorised Representatives of Australian Universities. We provide complete guidance regarding Study in Australia. We assist our students for Coaching, Admissions, Visas and entire process from start to end for Study in Australia.
Highlights about Australia
  • A highly developed country and one of the wealthiest, Australia is the world's 12th-largest economy and has the world's fifth-highest per capita income.
  • With the second-highest human development index globally, Australia ranks highly in many international comparisons of national performance, such as quality of life, health, education, economic freedom, and the protection of civil liberties and political rights.
  • Australia is a member of the G20, OECD, WTO, APEC, UN, Commonwealth of Nations, ANZUS and the Pacific Islands Forum.
  • In the Program for International Student Assessment, Australia regularly scores among the top five of thirty major developed countries.
  • The ratio of international to local students in tertiary education in Australia is the highest in the OECD countries.
  • Australia has a population of about 22.2 million, and has a growth rate of approximately 1.8% per year, 60% of which is via immigration. Average adult weekly earnings in 2008 were just under $1,300 AU, nationwide.
  • In 2011-2012, 7 Australian universities were ranked amongst the world's top 200.
Education Scenario of Australia

Types of Educational Institutions:
a) The Universities commence only twice a year (February & July). Very few in November.
b) TAFE Institutions commence in February, July, October / November.

Academic Year Divided into two Semesters, February & July.
Popular Programs Business, IT, Engineering, Hospitality Management and Tourism.
Minimum Requirements 1. IELTS Test:
a) Diploma - 5.5 with no band less than 5.0.
b) Bachelors - 6.0 with no band less than 5.5.
c) Masters - 6.5 with no band less than 6.0.2. Academic requirement for Australia:
a) Diploma - 50% and above in 12 th .
b) Bachelors - 75% and above in 12 th .
c) Masters - 50% and above in Bachelors.
Part time jobs during studies During studies, 40 hours per fortnight and 40 hours per week during vacations.
Cost of Education(Tuition Fees) a)  UG Courses -> AUD 20000 - 22000 per year.
b)  PG Courses -> AUD 21000 - 27000 per year.
Cost of Living AUD 18610 per year.
Visa Requirements

  • After the University approves the PVA request, the student will be advised to proceed with the payment of tuition fees and health cover and undergo medical examination.
  • Visa Requirements
  • Valid passport
  • Completed Form 157 A 
  • Application Fee of Rs. 30500.00 in the form of a Draft payable to "Australian High Commission, New Delhi"
  • Letter of Offer / provisional acceptance issued by the Australian Educational Institution (original and copy) for a full time course. The institution should be registered with the Australian Government to offer courses to overseas student.
  • Educational testimonials (mark sheets and certificates). All copies should be notarized
  • Evidence of payment (COE) of First semester Tuition fees overseas student health insurance cover (OSHC).
  • A letter from sponsor (where appropriate) i.e., Affidavit of Support (on Stamp paper) -original and Notarized copies- which should include :
    • His / her relationship with you
    • Letter from the sponsor's employer (If employed) / Income Proof
    • Income Tax Return (of last 3 years)
    • Details of his / her other dependents
    • Personal bank statement of the sponsor
    • Any other documents pertaining to financial standing
  • Evidence of your / your parents financial support (even where another sponsor is supporting the application) which should include:
    • A statement from a Chartered Accountant (with his registration /membership number) of immovable and moveable assets owned by you / your parents.

A number of conditions are attached to the student's Visa. These are:

  • The student must satisfy the course requirements and maintain a valid enrolment
  • Students must attend at least 80% of their classes.
  • Students must achieve a satisfactory academic performance.
  • The student cannot work for more than 40 hours per fortnight while studying. They can however work full-time during vacations.
  • The student must study with the education provider where he initially enrolled for the first year of the course or for the entire duration if the course duration is less than one year.
FOX Represents Following Institutes
University Website
01) Queensland University of Technology (CRICOS Code 00213J)
02) Griffith University (CRICOS Code 00233E)
03) University of South Australia (CRICOS Code 00121B)
04) Swinburne University of Technology (CRICOS Code 00111D)
05) James Cook University, Brisbane (CRICOS Code00117J)
06) University of Tasmania (CRICOS Code 00586B)
07) University of Canberra (CRICOS Code 00212K)
08) Edith Cowan University (CRICOS Code 00279B)
09) Federation University (CRICOS Code VIC 00103D)
10) Central Queensland University (CRICOS Code 00219C)
11) Southern Cross University Sydney Educo Global (CRICOS Code NSW 01241G)
12) Navitas - Latrobe University Sydney Campus (CRICOS Code NSW 02218K)
13) Navitas - Curtin University Sydney Campus (CRICOS Code NSW 02637B)
14) Navitas - Macquarie University City Campus (CRICOS Code 00002J)
15) Charles Darwin University, Melbourne (CRICOS Code 00300K (VIC)
16) University of Southern Queensland Education Centre (Sydney) (NSW) 02225M
17) Charles Sturt University Study Centre (Sydney & Melbourne) (CRICOS Code 00005F (NSW),01947G (VIC) and 02960B (ACT)
18) Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga (CRICOS Code 00005F (NSW)
19) University of Sunshine Coast (CRICOS Code 01595D)
20) Navitas - Australian Campus Network (CRICOS Code 02218K (NSW)leading to Latrobe University (CRICOS Code: 00115M)
21) Navitas - Curtin College (CRICOS Code NSW 03200A) leading to Curtin University (CRICOS Code: WA 00301J, NSW 02637B)
22) Navitas - Eynesbury College (CRICOS Code 00561M) leading to University of South Australia (CRICOS Code 00121B) & University of Adelaide (CRICOS code: 00123M)
23) Navitas - LaTrobe Melbourne (CRICOS code: 03312D) leading to Latrobe University (CRICOS Code: 00115M)
24) Navitas - Melbourne Institute of Business & Technology (CRICOS Code 01590J) leading to Deakin University (CRICOS Code: 00113B)
25) Navitas - Perth Institute of Business & Technology (CRICOS Code 01312J) leading to Edith Cowan University (CRICOS Code 00279B)
26) Navitas - Queensland Institute of Business & Technology (CRICOS Code 01737F) leading to Griffith University (CRICOS Code 00233E)
27) Navitas - South Australia Institute of Business & Technology (CRICOS Code: 02193C) leading to University of South Australia (CRICOS Code 00121B)
28) Navitas - Sydney Institute of Business & Technology (CRICOS code: 01576G) leading to Macquarie University (CRICOS Code 00002J)
29) Navitas - Newcastle International College (CRICOS Code: 03293B) leading to University of New Castle (CRICOS Code: 00109J)
30) Martin College (CRICOS Code VIC 03079G, NSW 01682E, QLD 01755D) leading to Charles Sturt University Study Centre CRICOS Code: 00005F (NSW),01947G (VIC), 02960B (ACT)
31) Taylor College (CRICOS Code: 01963G (WA), 01682E (NSW) 01160J (VIC) leading to Charles Sturt University, University of Western Australia (CRICOS Code: 00126G) & University of Sydney (CRICOS Code: 00026A)
32) Flinders International Study Centre (CRICOS Code: 01682E) leading to Flinders University
33) SAE Institute Australia (CRICOS Code 003121)
34) Bradford College (CRICOS code: 00123M, 02426B) Leading to University of Adelaide (CRICOS Code: 00123M)
35) Murdoch Institute of Technology (CRICOS Code: 03127E) Leading to Murdoch University (CRICOS Code: 00125J)
36) Cambridge International College (CRICOS Code 01718J)
37) Melbourne Institute of Technology (CRICOS Code 01545C VIC, 02814A NSW, 03245K NSW) leading to Federation University (CRICOS Code VIC 00103D)
38) International Institute of Business & Information Technology (IIBIT) (CRICOS Code 01917B & 00103D) leading to Federation University (CRICOS Code VIC 00103D)
39) Australian Technical & Management College (ATMC CRICOS Code: 03013D) leading to Federation University (CRICOS Code VIC 00103D)
40) The Cantillon Institute (CRICOS Code: 03022C) leading to Central Queensland University (CRICOS Code 00219C)
41) Ozford Education Group (CRICOS No: 02573B, 02501G, 02427A) leading to University of Canberra (CRICOS Code 00212K)
42) TAFE South Australia (CRICOS Code: 00092B)
43) Education and Training International, Western Australia (CRICOS Code : 00020G/01723A) leading to Edith Cowan University (CRICOS Code 00279B)
44) Australian Learning Training & Education Centre (ALTEC) (CRICOS Code: 02926D)
45) Australian College of Technology and Business (CRICOS Code:03164M)
46) Queensland International Business Academy (CRICOS Code: 01515J)
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